1、KiKiVPN are free of charge?

As promised we had provide for all new user 2 hours everyday for free. Increase the suffering time user can referral to friend get more free time( lifetime ) . However, we are not limitation of data and brandwith. Your privacy has been protect once connect on KiKiVPN.

2、KiKiVPN Guideline

Open KiKiVPN, click on middle button to connect KiKiVPN, awaiting to connect once connect been successful your internet been KiKiVPN coverage, network been on safe zone and your privacy been fully recover.

3、How could i install KiKiVPN through Testflight?

First and foremost, you had to make sure that Testflight has been install on your device.Beside, using our official website link or referral link open on browser , click on step 2 to conmtinue install KiKiVPN.

4、Forget password

setting - register/login - forget password, throught email to reset password.

5、An account can be support how many devices.

Due to safety purpose , for all user ( include VIP user) only able to connect one device.

6、How could i referral to my friends ? Why mine referral none been counted?

Shared link to friends, your referral will be calculate once your friends has been install successful ( system it may take sometime to generate ).

Example: https://www.kikivpn.com/UIDUYUS

Attention : same local area network only allow on 24 hours 1 time effectivenss.

7、Unable to connect Smart LIne

Exchange your internet connection 4G/WIFI or restart your device. Reopen KiKiVPN to connect.

8、How could i setting internet permission on App?

①、Android users : setting - internet access - KiKiVPN - allow

②、IOS users : setting - WIFI access - WLAN and internet access - allow

9、When browsing anothers website or App VPN has been terminated?

①、Firstly, you have to verify that you connection working on normol or abnormal, If your connect are not working good you can exchange another server to connect.

②、Furthermore , switch your connection from 4G/ WIFI reconnect to VPN.

10、Which platform can be support on KiKiVPN client side?

Apologizes, at this moment we are only supporting ios and android client user. Mac and PC client's will be on future planning.

11、 Any server suggestions?

Every users located area and connection situation are different,system will auto finalize the lowest MS server to connect.You can follow your own demand to choice your server to connect, Highly Recommand that using the nearest area server.

12、Payment has been success , VIP not been active.

You can feedback toward us through email or live chat support attach with your deposit slip,member and state down your inquiry. Our customer service once receive your inquiry will proceed your inquiry as fast as lightning.

13、Why expiry date been show on Testflight?

This is because , Testflight test duration has been set up on 90 days . we will notice to all users 15 days before expiry. User can update app to continue using. After updated can be continuos using 90 days. ( affect IOS users )

14、After update Testflight referrel bonus , VIP and SVIP data been loss?

In order to loss your account details , we suggest that to register as a member. Using login ID and password to sign in on latest app , your detail will be back to origin.